Football pharaoh from the slums: three reasons why Salah will receive the Ballon d'Or

1xBet talks about the advantages Salah has over competitors.

The legendary George Weah, who received the Ballon d’Or in 1995, is the first and so far the only African winner of this award. A quarter of a century has passed, a whole generation of talented players has emerged - but so far, no one has been able to repeat the feat.

However, there have been many exceptional players from Africa who have shone in the last few decades: Didier Drogba, Samuel Eto'O, Yaya Toure, Riyad Marez, Sadio Mane, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Mohammed Salah.

We’ll talk about the latter today because he’s tantalisingly close to receiving this coveted award. And here are three reasons why he should receive the Ballon d'Or at the upcoming ceremony scheduled for November 29th.

Mo - the football maestro

Salah can literally do everything on the field: he has explosive speed, impeccable technique and dribbling, plus a grand vision of unfolding play. In the past few seasons, the Egyptian’s defence has also significantly improved under the leadership of Jurgen Klopp. Liverpool is very strong as a team, but the Reds without Mohammed would be a team without its heart and soul.

Initially, spiteful critics called him a runner and a mere one-season player. But, to the Egyptian's credit, he didn’t pay attention and just did what he does best in life - score! The proof is the 100 Salah goals and the title of the best African scorer in the history of the Premier League, which he recently achieved, overtaking Didier Drogba.

Salah is at the peak of his career - Liverpool fans are lucky

The King, as they call him at Anfield, has turned up the heat this season, scoring 17 goals in all tournaments by early October. Looking at his performances, you can understand why people are talking about him more and more as a possible future recipient of the Ballon d'Or.

Unlike most of his competitors, Salah is at the peak of his career. But, in all honesty, we can state that the peak form of Ronaldo and Messi is a thing of the past. Plus, Jorginho, who won the Champions League and the World Cup, is performing a useful but unnoticeable job at Chelsea. And in the fight for the Ballon d'Or, only standout players end up lifting the trophy.

Perhaps the Bayern forward Robert Lewandowski is Mo's main competitor. He, like Salah, has been near the pinnacle of football excellence in recent years but has never managed to dethrone either Messi or Ronaldo. So could his time have finally come?

The Egyptian is the brightest footballer in the world right now

Only the dimwitted or spiteful haven’t acknowledged the outstanding performances of this football player. Salah is idolised in Liverpool, hated but respected in Manchester and canonised in Egypt. However, Mohammed’s most important distinguishing feature from other stars is his robust self-confidence, which doesn’t flow from arrogance.

The young fans adore him for his modesty, professionalism and slew of achievements. Mo has become a hero and an example for millions of children who dream of building a football career.

One way or another, admirers of Salah's talent and ordinary fans can not only support the idol while watching the Ballon d’Or ceremony but also make good money on it. The bookmaker 1xBet offers odds of 28-1 for Mohammed Salah to receive the 2021 Ballon d’Or.

By the way, we’ll find out the name of the winner very soon! So watch the awards ceremony on November 29th, place bets on your favourites - and win with 1xBet!

Risk-Free Bet from 1xBet on the Man United - Man City match

The English Premier League continues to delight football fans with top-flight fixtures. On Saturday the 6th of November, Manchester United and Manchester City will clash in the legendary Mancunian derby.


Currently, things are far from ideal for both teams. Manchester United have suffered several embarrassing defeats this season, including a humiliating 0-5 loss at the hands of Liverpool, which has put the future of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær in jeopardy. The Red Devils defeated Tottenham in the last round fixtures, slightly rehabilitating themselves in front of the fans and saving their coach from being sacked. However, the team is still in a difficult position and every one of the upcoming games could be crucial for them.

Meanwhile, Manchester City lost unexpectedly to Crystal Palace (0-2) last weekend, and it was their second defeat in the English Premier League. Also in the past week, the Citizens crashed out of the FA Cup in a penalty shoot-out loss to West Ham. Not the kind of result fans of the reigning English champions expected at the start of the season. So it is now the time for Josep Guardiola's team to show that their recent disappointing results were just a fluke. Otherwise, we might speak of a slump or even a crisis.

Whatever the case may be, the battle between Manchester United and Manchester City remains one of the most anticipated events in the world of football. The forthcoming Mancunian derby promises to be exciting and uncompromising, which is why football fans cannot afford to miss out.

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Squid Game: the best bets on the season’s most trendy TV series at 1xBet

The statisticians have already been knocked off their feet, updating the list of records that the Korean drama Squid Game has set in the weeks since its appearance on Netflix. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo would even envy its list of achievements, and the hype associated with the series continues unabated.


Suffice it to say that the show had already been watched by 111 million people by mid-October, making it the most popular in streaming service history. In addition, the Vans sneakers worn by characters on the show are breaking sales records with a growth of over 8,000%. Even the phone number, which accidentally appeared in the series, was inundated daily by thousands of calls, so it had to be edited out of the footage.

With series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk having to sell his laptop while he waited for someone to like his idea, it all looks like a fairy tale. The Korean director has even said that he lost six teeth during production on the first season, making its runaway success even sweeter now. But, everyone is waiting for an answer to one question: will there be a sequel? Hwang himself has already hinted that he was considering such an option but didn’t give a definitive answer. One thing that’s always true about the entertainment industry though is that a money-spinner is seldom left without a follow-up.

So, experts at 1xBet have already started accepting bets related to the second season. Let's consider a few of them.


You can bet on the fact that Netflix will announce the 2nd season by the end of 2021 at odds of 1.65 or on the fact that there will be no such announcement for 2.1. The high probability of the first option looks logical, but you’ll need to strike while the iron is hot. Fans are clamouring for a second season, and it’s unlikely Netflix will kill the golden goose (or, if you will, squid). The only question is whether you have time to place a bet before the management of the streaming network makes its announcement.

You can bet that the game Red Light, Green Light will be played in the new season. It’s spawned hundreds of video game variations that have even been seen by those who haven't watched the series. The continued cross-promotion potential is enormous - so why not repeat it? The odds for this to happen is 4.

1xBet also has a separate group of bets on the main character of the series, Seong Gi-hun. The charming rogue, loved by many, changed before our eyes by the end of the season. He clearly showed that he wasn’t satisfied with the role of a silent lucky millionaire! At odds of 1.9, you can bet that he will return and take part in the next Squid Games.


However, this isn’t his only participation option for which 1xBet is ready to reward its players - for example, the odds for Seong becoming the next overseer is 6. Or, perhaps he will even replace the Front Man - odds of 16! The latter, by the way, is quite likely, considering that...wait - let's finish without super spoilers. So, watch the series, place bets on 1xBet and get paid for your intuition and understanding of how cool plots work!



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