1XBet: Secrets On How To Win Every Day Revealed!


1xBet is one of the leading sports betting companies where sports fans can be rewarded for their passion.

The sports betting company allows you to bet on the results of popular sporting events such as soccer, basketball, American soccer, boxing, basketball, tennis, golf and much more. As you will discover in this article, winning at 1xbet is easy even for beginners, as is withdrawing money. Would you like to learn how to win every day at 1XBet? The information on this web page is all you need.

Why bet on 1XBet?

With so many betting companies in existence today, you may be wondering why you should consider betting on games with 1XBet.

Well, here are some of the reasons why you should not waste a single minute to create an account on the platform.

  • Easy to browse

Whether on a cell phone or a computer, the 1xbet website is easy to navigate. On the 1xbet mobile site, or on a PC, you can easily book, place bets and perform other activities. Unlike the online platforms of most betting companies, it is easy to understand and find everything you need.

  • 200% bonus on your first deposit

Your first deposit after registration is greatly appreciated by 1xbet. That's why they are ready to reward you for this deposit up to 200% of the total amount with which you have funded your account. It doesn't matter how much it is. The good thing about the 1xbet bonus is that you can choose to withdraw or bet instantly on the games with it, no matter what factor rocks your boat.

  • Reliability

In terms of reliability, 1xbet is one of the most reliable betting companies you will ever encounter. You get paid your winnings on time, no matter how big or small, unlike many other bookmakers who will delay your payout until you are almost frustrated.

1xbet has been around for many years now and is available in over 40 different languages around the world.

They are very reliable in terms of timely payments, good customer service and several others. Creating an account today with the company can never be a bad idea.

What you need to play games and start winning at 1xBet

To start winning big on 1xbet consistently, here are the most important things you need to do.

  • Register / Register for an Account on the Platform

It's easy and can be done in less than 5 minutes. It's so simple that you don't need anyone to help you do it. Even if you really don't know much about the Internet.

To make the registration process easier for you, 1xbet has established about 4 methods by which you can create an account with them.

    • The first is the One-Click method. It allows you to create an account instantly without filling out a form with your personal information. It is an automatic registration process that creates an instant account for you. Through the One-Click process, your account ID and password will be instantly generated. You can log in almost immediately with the information, start betting and winning.
    • The second method to create an account with 1xbet is by phone. It consists of using your personal phone number. Just like the first one, it is also very easy to do. 
    • The second last method is by e-mail, i.e. via your e-mail address 
    • The latter is done via your social networks and email accounts.

Whichever method you choose, the 1xbet registration process is easy and can be completed in a very short time.

  • Fund your account

Once you have successfully signed up for an account at 1xbet, the next thing to do is to fund your account.

It's not like you can't place a full bet without first funding your account, it is possible. There are plenty of free 1xbets that you can still play. However, these free bets come with a lot of terms and conditions that you may not find totally attractive.

To really enjoy the freedom and fluidity of betting with 1xbet, it is important that you first fund your account. You can do this in several ways.

They include via Orange Money, MTN Mobile Money, Rycash, Bitcoin, NETELLER, Skrill, Paysafecard, Webmoney, OKpay, EcoPayz, Paykasa, Qiwi and several others.

As I mentioned earlier, one interesting thing about funding your 1xbet account is that you get a 200% bonus on your first deposit. You can withdraw or use this bonus to bet on any game of your choice later.

Once you have finished funding your account, you can continue betting on your favorite sporting events from the home page or your profile.

How to make money at 1XBet

There are several ways to make money at 1xbet. The main way to get started is to fund your account.

After that, you can bet on any of the markets that you think will do an excellent job of predicting the outcome of events.

Although there are many markets and types of bets you can place, soccer betting is still the best way to make money at 1xbet.

It is, in fact, the major sporting event for which the brand is known.

That's why you can choose from several hundred soccer betting options on the platform, more than any other event.

Another easy way to make money at 1xbet is to bet on horse races.

If you've been at 1xbet for a while, you'll discover the special attention paid to horse racing.

This is because all over the world, betting on horse racing is one of the most primary ways to make quick money.

In addition to the two methods mentioned above, you can also earn money through other markets and types of betting.

This includes virtual and live 1xbet betting.

For each of them, bettors are allowed to bet on any option of their choice, including many Handicap, Under/Over, 1x2, Draw No Bet, Home/Away Scores and many other options.

1XBet bonuses and promotions: a complete breakdown

One major area 1xbet surpasses many other bookmakers is in the area of their bonuses and promos. From the moment you sign up for an account on the platform, you are entitled to numerous bonuses that you can either withdraw from your account or use immediately to bet on games.

Here are some of the most popular 1xbet bonuses and promotions that you should be aware of. You can benefit and win real money with all of these.

  • First deposit bonus

This 1xbet bonus is given to punters on their first deposit.

No matter what payment method except crypto currency you chose or how much you funded your account with, 1xbet will reward you with a 200% bonus for it. This bonus can be used almost immediately to bet on any sporting event of your choice. If you want to get more, make sure you deposit a substantial amount in the first funding of your account.


Remember that this bonus is given only once. This means that you won't get any more chances after making the first deposit. It is credited to your account immediately after the first deposit.

  • 1xBet $100 free bet

This is one of the best things about the bookmaker. The $100 1xbet free bet is a kind of bonus that is offered to punters who have had at least 20 unsuccessful bets in a row.

The $100 free bet is to "compensate" you for your loss. The only condition attached to the bonus is that you must have placed more than 20 consecutive unsuccessful bets. If you are a serial winner or have won at least 20 consecutive bets, the bonus is not for you.

With the bonus in sight, you can continue to bet on as many games as you like, knowing full well that if you win or lose, 1xbet is there for you.

Apart from this $100 free bet offered by the bookmaker to its customers, there are other free bets that are regularly given to bettors whose number of bets within a specific time frame is higher than the average bettor.

  • 1XBet Advancebet

1xbet advancebet is a feature that you will love when betting with the company. It allows you to accumulate games and bet on them without having any money in your account. The only condition is that you must have at least one bet in progress with a very high chance of winning.

Let me explain this feature well with an example you can easily understand.

Assuming you placed a bet the day before with all the money in your account and you have more than 90% chance of winning the bet. You can accumulate and place another bet today without a single cent in your account by using the 1xbet Advancebet feature.

Once you win the previously placed bet, the money for the new one will be deducted from the winnings.

However, if you lose the old bet, the new one will be cancelled, even if the new one is already winning.

Unless you can find a way to fund your account immediately.

Since its introduction, 1xbet advancebet has become one of the most popular features regularly chosen by players on the platform.

  • Betting battle

With this feature, bettors are offered bonuses of different amounts when they place bets ranging from 30 odds. The bonus is intended for qualified players who bet on high risk games.

  • 1xbet accumulator of the day

Do you like to place bets on several events at the same time?

You are lucky enough to be among the players who are rewarded with the 1xbet Accumulator Of The Day bonus.

The bonus is a daily reward given to individuals who bet on different events.

For example, soccer, basketball and boxing on the same ticket. The more events you bet on at the same time, the more chances you have to win each day in bonuses.

You can use the bonus to bet on other events of your choice later and win real money with it.

  • Star Jackpot

1xbet Star Jackpot is a promotion that gives bettors the opportunity to win a good amount of money every day by completing a few challenges or tasks set by the betting company. These challenges change on a daily basis.

The Star Jackpot is free for all 1xbet customers to participate or play.

If you are lucky or if you really know how to meet these challenges every day, you can earn good money every day on the platform.

Although the Star Jackpot promotion has its own terms and conditions, like any other type of bonus, you can win money regularly with it if you put your mind to it.

  • 1XBet Fantasy Football

With 1xbet fantasy soccer, you can earn up to $700 a day as the manager of a soccer team.

This feature allows you to create your dream team and manage it in a soccer competition. The best manager in the competition receives a $700 bonus that he can use to bet on more games immediately or withdraw it. Whichever one he thinks suits him best.

How to win 1XBet games

To consistently win your games, you need to learn a few 1xbet winning tricks that serial winners use from time to time.

1xbet tips for winning games, also called "1xbet hacks" by some people, are actually not as difficult as they sound. They are simple winning tips that almost anyone can use to win in 1xBet.

You can find them below:

  1. Never place a bet hastily. Carefully examine a team's overall performance in recent games before placing your bet on them. Understand that the absence of a key player in a game can affect the team's performance in that game.
  2. Choose fewer games and bet more. This is one of the best tips for winning at 1xbet. Betting on so many games at once may seem like your best way to win a lot of money, but unless they are low-risk games, you have a chance of losing faster this way. Avoid accumulating too many games on one ticket. Pick a few and increase your bet instead. That way, the chance of you winning them would be higher.
  3. Cash out when needed. The 1xbet cash out feature allows you to take home a certain amount of money from the total you are supposed to win before the game result. This is very useful, especially when it doesn't look like you're going to win it.

In summary

1xbet is one of the best sports betting companies where you can win substantial amounts of money every day. The number of bonuses and promotions available to bettors on their website is mind boggling.

Are you looking for how to win every day at 1xbet? I hope you find the information here useful.


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